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And now I’m going on a prompt-fill mini-break. Meaning no new pictures tomorrow (today) cuz I need to work on my webcomic. But I’ll continue filling prompts on Saturday or Sunday.

oldsoutherncharm requested May I request Wheelchair!Bones and Author!Jim, epic husbands from dickensaround's awesome story collection, please?

Taken from part 3, They Fight, They Cry. Seriously a great collection, you should all go check it out!

Quick follow-up scribble to this piece because I desperately wanted to draw Jim in a beanie. Beanies are always good.

Jim is from thepathlesstrekked's AU fic, Love Songs

Jim Kirk from thepathlesstrekked's AU McKirk fic, Love Songs

Anonymous said: There always needs to be more of Uhura on tiptoes kissing Spock, imho.

And now I go to bed. Good night!

kaon4shi asked: I wanna see the ladies of the Enterprise hanging out!

Marcus, Uhura, Gaila, and Chapel, reporting for duty! So much fun to draw, and I love an excuse to scribble out my fleet gals. Especially Chapel and Gaila! (Always need more screen time for those two!!)

wonderwars replied to your photo: “Finally finished my half of the collab with @prismavore! It was super…”:
Aaaaah!!!!!! You colored them!! 8’D I keep staring at this….Their hair is so detailed!

Mm, it was super fun, thank you!! And yeah, hair’s kinda my favorite thing.  xDD It’s pretty easy for me~

As a heads up, I AM still taking requests (I’m just hoarding them to answer with actual art). I’m trying new coloring styles with these pictures, so they’re going to take awhile, but they’re super fun, so thank you everyone! I will continue plowing along and have at least one done tonight and will continue to work on some more tomorrow as well!